Nayaha is a socially-conscious community. We are all part of one global family and need to take care of each other.

What is Nayaha?

India's fastest growing online leadership company, established in 2021, Nayaha has changed the face of world politics, voting and the campaign industry forever. Discover the community that has helped so many people from across the world in transforming their nation's parliament bill knowledge gained through an interesting league! Also go in for the Election league to make it more fun by organizing online campaigns and engage in activities for your well-being. Thus living a more knowledgeable and happy life.

Intent Behind the Name : To be able to define all these myriad activities, we searched for a suitable name. After a lot of scouring, we bumped into this name which aptly describes the idea behind this venture. Meaning Of ( नय: , Nayaha ) -> Nayaha is a Sanskrit word and its meaning is a blend of Leader, Leadership Direction, Guidance, Management, Behavior, Foresight, Policy, Administrative intelligence, Morality, Justice, Fairness, Uprightness, Outline, Structure, Planning & Principle sentence and Rule.

Nayaha was founded on April 14, 2021 by Gourav Sharma, a structural engineer & journalist who searched for this concept himself by working twelve hours a day. He created the Parliament League, Elect League Concept, Campaign Sessions, Healthy discussion forum and fundamental political methodology & shared it through his local group. Then he wanted to prove that everyone can get access to the knowledge of Politics, Healthy discussion and Elections Exit Poll. The main mantra underpinning Nayaha is to educate and empower the end-user to transform others by their intellect, to attain physical and mental drilling, and to be aware about parliament bills and the election candidates.

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No matter where you go, politics is the coolest, most happening thing around! If you aren't sure, always go for politics. Best Product Ever!
- Jay
We just started playing today with colleagues from around the country and we are so excited to see how this works. Thank you for providing a way for us to connect during these times!
- Shardul Singh
Honestly, we have a blast playing. I used to never pay attention to the news, now I watch parliament league daily for fun.
- Akhilesh