Elect League

It creates fantasy!
How this works.

Right to vote and participate in elections, right to submit initiatives and petitions. Find out more about your political rights. We give you the opportunity to study high voltage elections and small elections closely.

See what kind of candidates local, national and international bodies are standing with their manifesto in the elections. We take care of all the rules and regulations, policy of all the governments of the world and their election memorandum and law.

We give a platform where all leaders promote themselves, that means when nayaha updates and announces upcoming elections, then all candidate leaders fill their own details, and to take votes they declare as the nation's development manifesto.

We are also giving you the opportunity to access the profile of those candidates, you have to select who among all the candidates can be the leader of the people according to you.

Live Election
League will make you

Elect League is a kind of Polling, plus here is a curious game, the kind of leader you choose, and what number of votes people give him, and see you and your world create a fantasy between sensibilities. It will prove to be a very good league as you explore.

Upcoming Election
Where your attention goes
Energy Flows

Now people will see the election of the local body at the world level and you will give your opinion by selecting those candidates, as well as the whole of India will also present their vote.

If you are a candidate, you will see how the world loves you.

You can know your Competitor candidate who will fight the
Small election

This is a great time to shine from local to world level,
When you contest a small election, people see you at around the world,
Join this platform by making a one-step decision, so you can become a celebrity by registering at Nayaha today.

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