Tejasvi Surya
Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha Incumbent
Chandrani Murmu
Member of Parliament, (Lok Sabha) Incumbent
Jamyang Tsering Namgyal
Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha ladakh
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Testimonials for this page
Voting and exit-poll has always been my passion but now, it's also my vocation. I wake up each day with a sense of purpose knowing that world politics, I'll read to someone alive.
- Manvendra
Thanks to Nayaha, I've met more than so many strong politicians, who have solved the nation's problems with their lives and campaigns. Their gratitude means the world to me and I'm glad I got a chance to be a part of this dynamic forum.
- Ajay
Nayaha has given me an excellent chance to grow both as a Leader and as a problem solving person. I've attended hundreds of campaigns and have helped them manage their lives, rights and be more productive!
- Narendra